Code Navigation in Emacs

When working with Python code bases, i sometimes have the need to jump between next / previous functions i am working on within the same file. As this is a common thing i would do, i tried searching for way to navigate to previous and next functions relative to my current position. There are a collection of tools that make this easy for you: imenu With imenu, you are able to call =M-x imenu= or as it's bound to =C-x C-j= which will show the list of available imenu candidates and make you select one you'd like to jump to.

Setup Emacs for Python development using Pyenv

Pyenv, as advertised, is a tool that lets you work with multiple versions of Python on the same machine. You could install different versions of Python such as 2.7.12 or 3.5.2 and define which one you'd like to use by executing: > pyenv install 3.5.2 > cd /path/i/want/to/use/3.5.2/in > pyenv local 3.5.2 > python -V That would compile and install 3.5.2 on your machine and have it available wherever you'd like to use it.